Warumpi Band




Jailanguru Pakarnu     1983    2

Single   AUS   Hot Records HOT 703

Big Name No Blankets   1985   10

CD       AUS   Parole D38935

LP       AUS   Powderworks

Go Bush!               1988   11

CD       AUS   Parole D38707

LP       AUS   CBS

Too Much Humbug        1996

CD       AUS   CAAMA/Shock 260


Butcher Brian (b) 1980-1987
Butcher Gordon (d) 1980-1987
Butcher Sammy (g,b) 1980-
Cook Murray (k) 1987- Mixed Relations
Heckenberg Bill (d) 1996
Jacobi Bill (b,bv) 19?? Neil Murray and The Rainmakers, Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides, Method
Minor Dennis (b)
Murphey Alan (d) 1987- Village People, Boy Rocking
Murray Neil (v,g) 1980-1988,1996-2000
Rrurrumbu George (v,didg) Bomba
Smith Kenny (b) 1987-
Wirri Hilary (b)

Sources of information: Blackfella Whitefella Documentary, Jeff Scott, Sing Your Destiny
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