John Watson


Session musician

Michael Lake and The Shavers   mlp   Light Light Light               1983
James Reyne                    lp    James Reyne                     1987
Daryl Braithwaite              lp    Edge                            1988
Dragon                         lp    Bondi Road                      1989
James Reyne                    lp    Hard Reyne                      1989
Sharon O'Neill                 cd    Edge Of Winter                  1990
Daryl Braithwaite              cd    Rise                            1990
James Reyne                    cd    Electric Digger Dandy           1991
Maybe Dolls                    cd    Propaganda                      1992
Paul Norton                    cd    Let It Fly                      1992
Mark Gillespie                 cd    Flame                           1992
Neil Murray                    cd    These Hands                     1993
James Reyne                    cd    Live In Rio                     1996
Christopher Marshall           cd    Strange Waters, Small Mercies   1998
James Reyne                    cd    Design For Living               1999
James Reyne                    cd    Speedboats For Breakfast        2004
James Reyne                    cd    Every Man A King                2007


Heavy Division 1978 Leo De Castro, Tim Partridge, Tui Richards, Russell Smith
Kevin Borich Express 1979-1981
The Headhunters 1980 Marc Hunter, Kevin Borich, Mick Cocks, Todd Hunter
Ordinary Men 1983
Australian Crawl 1983-1986
Boy Rocking 1986 Murray Burns, Alan Murphy, Mark Punch, Mark Williams
Ian Moss Band 1986-
Dragon 1989
Renee Geyer Band 1989
James Reyne Band 1989
Shane Howard Band 1991
Say Yes 1991 Justine Bradley, Ben Butler, Phillip Campbell, Mitch Farmer, Dani'elle Gaha, Rex Goh, David Jones, Jim Kelly, Sam McNally, Tracey Yared
Rich Young and Pretty 1992
Mark Gillespie Band 1991-1992 Angus Burchall, James Black, Joe Creighton, Mark Gillespie, Ross Hannaford, Alex Pertout
Mark Gillespie Trio 1992 Mark Gillespie, Joe Creighton
Daryl Braithwaite Band
The Black Sorrows 199?
Men At Work 1996
Vika and Linda Band 199?
Christopher Marshall Band 1997-

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