Wa Wa Nee

Sydney 1986-1989



Wa Wa Nee      1986   10   Produced by Paul Gray, Jim Taig and Chris Cameron

CD      AUS   CBS
        AUT   CBS 450346 9 (different cover)

LP      AUS   CBS
        AUS   CBS SBP8206 (red vinyl, poster)
        HOL   CBS 450346 1 (different cover)
MC      AUS   CBS PC8206
        HOL   CBS 450346 4 (different cover)

Ultra Mixes    1987

LP      AUS   CBS

Blush          1989   10

CD      AUS   CBS 463345 2

MC      AUS   CBS 463345 4

CDEP           1996    4

CD-EP   AUS   Epic 486544.2


Gray Mark (b) 1986-19?? Gank, Tania Bowra Band, Greedy's On The Loose, James Reyne Band, Indecent Obsession
Gray Paul (v,k) 1986-1989 ---
Greenwood Paul (b,trump) 19?? Camras in Paris
Lord Elizabeth (bv) 1986 ---
Lungren Geoff (b) 1986 Solid Citizens, Scribble, Hungarian Rap-Sadists, Them or Us
Price Barton (d) 1988-1989
Sweeney Chris (d,perc) 1986 Wendy Saddington Band, Missing In Action, Andrew Hurley and Raging Waters, The Soul Committments, Gyan, Radio Freedom tour, Gondwanaland
Whitcher Phil (k) 198? Collision, Power, Tribe, Apart From That, Missing In Action. died 1989
Williams Steve (g,bv) 1986-1989 James Freud Band, Kontrol, The Party Boys, Mama's Darlings, Skunk, The Choirboys

Sources of information: Kelster's Wa Wa Nee Page, Wa Wa Nee Discography
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