Weddings Parties Anything

Melbourne 1984-1998



Wedding Parties Anything                 1985    4

EP          AUS   Suffering Tram ST001 (1000 copies)

Sgt Small                                1986    2

Single      AUS   Suffering Tram ST003 (600 copies)

Scorn Of The Women                       1987   12   Produced by David Williams and Alan Thorne

CD          AUS   WEA 254705.2

LP          AUS   WEA 254705.1

Goat Dancing On The Tables               1988    4

EP          AUS   WEA 0.257793

Roaring Days                             1988   14   Produced by Alan Thorne and WPA

CD          AUS   WEA 255430.2
            UK    Cooking Vinyl COOKCD 026

LP          AUS   WEA 255430.1
            UK    Cooking Vinyl COOK 026

MC          UK    Cooking Vinyl COOKC 026

The Big Don't Argue                      1989   12   Produced by James Luther Dickinson

CD          AUS   WEA 256796.2

LP          AUS   WEA 256796.1

The Weddings Play Sports (and Falcons)   1990    6

Mini-CD     AUS   Virgin VOZ EPCD001
            AUS   Virgin 839694.2

Mini-LP     AUS   Virgin VOZ EP001

No Show Without Punch                    1990    7

Mini-CD     UK    Utility UTICD4

Difficult Loves                          1992   12   Produced by Alan Thorne and WPA

CD          AUS   rooArt 4509-90092-2
            CAN   rooArt/Warner CD 90092
            UK    Cooking Vinyl COOKCD 059 (issued 1993)

King Tide                                1993   13   Produced by Paul Kosky and WPA

CD          AUS   rooArt 4509-93773-2

Donkey Serenade                          1995   10   Produced by WPA

CD          AUS   WPA02

MC          AUS   WPA02

Riveresque                               1996   13   Produced by WPA and Cameron Craig

CD          AUS   Mushroom TVD93467 (RMD53467)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH33032.2 (with bonus disc "Garage Sale")

Garage Sale                              1997    9   Produced by WPA and Cameron Craig

CD          AUS   Mushroom MUSH33032.2

Anthem/Traffic Goes By                   1998    2

CD-Single   AUS   Mushroom MUSH01800.2

Trophy Night - The Best Of               1998   19

CD          AUS   Mushroom MUSH33152.2/5 (initial copies with limited edition 9-track bonus CD "Benched")
            AUS   Mushroom (re-issue 1999, including "Benched")

They Were Better Live                    1999   32   Produced by Michael Thomas

Double-CD   AUS   Mushroom MUSH33223.2

Session musicians

Paul Kelly          s
Richard Pleasance   cds   Coloublind   1995

Contribution to album

Sounds Of Perseverance            1985
Also Used And Recommended By...   1988
Used And Recovered By             1990
Rig-Out 1                         1991
Earth Music                       1994
All In The Family                 1994
Wax Tracks                        1994
Mushroom 25 Live                  1998


Adams Dave (d) 1984-1986 International Exiles, Acrobats, Where's Wolfgang
Anderson Jen (viol) 1992-1998
Barclay Michael (d) 1993-1998
Burgman Richard (sax,g) 1988-1989 Freelance, Shy Imposters, The Sunnyboys, Coupe de Ville, The Saints, Shots in the Dark, James Griffin and The Subterraneans, The Joeys, Da Brudders
Clarke Paul (g) 1984-1985 Corporate Body, The Start, Fifth Column, Crushed Buzzards, Love Beads, Even As We Speak, Elvis Minogue
Hall Janine (b) 1986-1987 Young Charlatans, The Teddies, The Saints, Skolars, Wolfgang, James Griffin and The Subterraneans, Kings Of The World, The Lost Weekend, Red Dress
Joseph Wendy (?) 1984-1985
Lawler Peter (b) 1987-1993 Squeeze-Box Wally, solo-album, Crazy Baldheads
O'Prey Stephen (b,bv) 1993-1998 Joyce Brothers, The Hound Dogs, Daryl Braithwaite Band, Scarecrow, The Badloves, The Black Sorrows
Schintler Marcus (d,v) 1986-1993
Steel Dave (g,v,harm) 1985-1988
Thomas Michael (g,b,v) 1984-1998
Thomas Paul (g) 1989-1998 Huxton Creepers, Skalliwags, Rob Knows Paul, Four Door Shit Box, Archie Roach Band, Ruby Hunter Band
Wallace Mark (p acc,v) 1985-1998 Squeeze-Box Wally, Liz Taylor and The Four Richards, Sally Dastey and The Sweet Sceptics

Sources of information: Weddings Parties Anything Discography by Gordon Clarke [Last updated 2 February 1998], Jim Love, The Official Mick Thomas Website
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