Peter Wells



Everything You Like Tries To Kill You   1991   10   Produced by Kevin Shirley, Jon Stevens and Stuart Fraser

CD      AUS   Big Stars/Mushroom D30489
        JAP   BMG

The Meaning Of Life                     1992   10   Produced by Jon Stevens and Stuart Fraser

CD      AUS   Big Stars/Mushroom D30779

No Hard Feelings                        1993   10   Produced by Peter Wells and Lucy De Soto

CD      AUS   ATI/Mushroom ATI001

Orphans                                 1994   10   Produced by Peter Wells and Lucy De Soto

CD      AUS   Ravenswood RV1012CD
        GER   Blue Rose BLU 30.102-1

Solo                                    2002   13

CD      AUS   Pack O' 20 Records 20PACK003

Pete Wells Band:
Go Ahead, Call The Cops                 1996   11   Produced by Pete Wells Band

CD      AUS   Dog Meat/Shock DOGCD 081

It's All Fun And Games
'till Somebody Gets Hurt 1999 19 Produced by Pete Wells and Lucy De Soto
CD AUS Pack O' 20 Records Hateball 2000 14 Produced by Pete Wells and Lucy De Soto CD GER SPV 085-21772 Pete Wells, Angry Anderson and The Damn Fine Band: Damn Fine Band 2001 CD AUS with Dave Steel and Bob Armstrong: Hard Done By You 1993 4 CD-EP AUS Ravenswood RV1005


Roxus   lp   Night Street   1991

Session musician

Chris Turner    lp    My Guitar And Me                        1978
Ray Arnott      lp    Rude Dudes                              1979
Lucy De Soto    lp    Three Girls And A Sailor                1985
Lucy De Soto    lp    Help Me Rhonda, My Boyfriend's Back     1986
Cletas Carr     mlp   Colourblind                             1988
Chris Turner    cd    Exile                                   1990
The Choirboys   cd    Dancing On The Grave Of Rock 'n' Roll   1994
Randallica      cd    Knast, Tod Oder Rock'n'Roll             1995
Lucy De Soto    cd    Take This Veil                          1999


The Odd Colours 1966 Ronnie Hausert, Steve Jones, Dave Tice, Eddy Staarink
Strange Brew ? Ray Frost, Dave Tice
Head 1968-1971 Steve Jones, Dave Tice, Neil Jensen, Paul Balbi, John Baxter, Peter Leighton
Buffalo 1971-1976 Dave Tice, Paul Balbi, John Baxter, Jimmy Economou, Allan Milano, Norm Roue, Ross Simms, Colin Stead, Karl Taylor, Chris Turner
Rose Tattoo 1976-1983
Scattered Aces 1983-1984
Illustrated Men 1984 Mick Cocks, Georgie Leach, Ian Rilen, Dallas Royal
De Soto 1985 Lucy De Soto, Eddie Fast, Ross Mercer
Slightly Shadey 1987 Ronnie Peel, Chris Turner, Paul DeMarco
Heart Attack 1990 Mick Cocks, Paul DeMarco, Lucy De Soto, Mick Strutt
Peter Wells Band 1991,1995-present
Rose Tattoo 1992-1993,1998-present
Hillbilly Moon 1994
Blues Hangover 1995,1996
Romeo Dog 1996
died 2006.

Members (Peter Wells Band)

Auburn Steve (d,bv) 1999-
Bremond Bernie (sax) 199? Innocent Bystanders, Close Action, Johnny Diesel and The Injectors, Nightride, Oasis, Bob Armstrong and The Navigators, The Millionaires
Cocks Mick (g) 1995 Rose Tattoo, Heaven, Head Hunters, Illustrated Men, Wild Colonial Boys, Rolling Clones, Heart Attack, Swanee
De Soto Lucy (p,k,bv) 1991,1995-present
Fraser Warwick (d) 199? Uncle Mills, Streetlife, Blackfeather, Feather, Smith, The Change, Never Ending, Hoi Polloi, Johnny Kannis Explosion, The Screaming Tribesmen, Klondike and The Kamloops Swing, Flying Tigers, Johnny and The Reactors, Oasis
Gaze Tim (g) 1991
Hemersley Tim (b,v) 1996 Royal Flush, God, The Sick Things, Bored, The Powdermonkeys
Johnston Scott (d) 199? Jimmy and The Boys, Rose Tattoo, Outline, Kids In The Kitchen, Mama's Darlings
King Steve (b) 1995,1999- ---
Ray Timmy Jack (d) 1996 The Powdermonkeys
Strutt Mick (b) 199? Chris Turner's Big Rock Band, B.B. Strutt, Heart Attack
Vidale Michael (b) 1991 Jimmy and The Boys, The Guns, The Flying Emus, Big Guns, Baylor Brothers Band, David McComb and The Red Ponies, The Whitlams
Wells Peter (sl g,v) 1991,1995-present

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