Jim White


Session musician

The Sham Cabaret       cd   The Sham Cabaret                1990
Tex, Don and Charlie   cd   Monday Morning Coming Down...   1995
Tex, Don and Charlie   cd   All Is Forgiven                 2005


Happy Orphans 1980-1981 Conway Savage
People With Chairs Up Their Noses 1981-1983 Mark Barry, David Palliser, Jim Shugg
Feral Dinosaurs 1982-1986 Conway Savage
Venom P. Stinger 1985-1989
Brainshack 1984 Dugald MacKenzie, Alan Secher-Jensen
Hessian Sax 1988-1989
Conway Savage and The Deep South 1989
Venom P. Stinger 1991-1992
The Blackeyed Susans 1992-1993
Busload Of Faith 1992 Megan Bawden, John Bone, James Boddington, Warren Ellis, Stefan Fydock, Nick Reischbeith
Kim Salmon's STM 1992,1994
The Dirty Three 1992-present
Charles Marshall and The Body Electric 1993-
Venom P. Stinger 1993-1996
The Tren Brothers ???? Mick Turner

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