The Whitlams

Sydney 1992-present



Introducing The Whitlams            1993   10   Produced by Rob Taylor

Mini-CD     AUS   Phantom/MDS PHMCD-27

Undeniably The Whitlams             1995   15   Produced by Rob Taylor and Tim Freedman

CD          AUS   Black Yak/Phantom/MDS BYO-A1
            AUS   Black Yak/MGM (re-issue 2001, 2 extra tracks, 7 re-mixed tracks, remastered, different cover, cd-rom component)

Stupor Ego                          1996    9

Mini-CD     AUS   Black Yak/Phantom/MDS BYO-E4

Eternal Nightcap                    1997   13   Produced by Tim Freedman and Rob Taylor

CD          AUS   Black Yak/Phantom/MDS BYO-A7
            AUS   (re-issue 1999, 4 extra tracks)
            CAN   Black Yak/Warner 281584 (issued 2000, different tracks and cover)
            NZL   Black Yak/Warner 3984264642 (issued 1999, 17 tracks)

Love This City                      1999   14   Produced by Rob Taylor, Tim Freedman, Daniel Denholm and Joe Hardy

CD          AUS   Black Yak/Phantom/Warner 3984297282 (initial copies with 1 bonus track)

Torch The Moon                      2002   13   Produced by Daniel Denholm and PILSONIC

CD          AUS   Black Yak/Warner/MGM 09274589362 (initial copies with 5-track bonus disc "Side 4")
            AUS   (re-issue 2003, new cover, 2 extra tracks, bonus 12 track CD "Rarities 1992-2003")

Little Cloud                        2006   16   Produced by J. Walker

Double-CD   AUS   WEA
            AUS   WEA (deluxe limited edition, digipak)
            UK    Empahty Records (issued 2007 under the name "Tim Freedman")

Truth Beauty And A Picture Of You   2008   20

CD          AUS   5144288045 (special version with bonus DVD)

Contribution to album

To Hal And Bacharach                 1998
Mushroom 25 Live                     1998
Triple J - Lust For Live             1999
Recovery - Ready For Transmission    1999
Cold - Live At The Chapel            1999
Sample People (soundtrack)           2000
Rock The Millennium                  2000
More Music, Live From The Panel      2000
A Night Out - Live At The Basement   2001
Rove Live - ...Some Music            2001
Rove Live - ...Some More Music       2002
A Day On The Green - Live            2004


Briz Oscar (v,g) 1996 ---
Burdett Louis (d) 199? Powerhouse, Raries, Paris Green, Ed Kuepper Band, The New Christs, Wrong Kind of Stoneage, A.T.Well Quartet, Penguins On Safari, Louis Tillett and His Cast of Aspersions, Satelite Riders
Eadie Stuart (d) 1993-1994 The Kents, The Humdingers, Dutiful Daughters, Clouds, Parp!, Died Pretty, Olive Branch, Running Riot, The Kaempfert Zone, Karma County
Fink Ben (g) 1997- King Clam, Swoop
Freedman Tim (v,k) 1992-present Itchy Feet, Penguins on Safari, Butcher's Picnic, Egg, The Silvertongues, Sound of Music, The Olive Branch
Gubb Michael (k)
Hall Tim (v,g) 1996-1997 The Strange
Heckenberg Bill (d) 1997-
Hornby Warwick (b,bv) present
Housden Jak (g,bv) present The Hound Dogs, Daryl Braithwaite Band, Black 'n' Blonde, The Badloves
Lewis Andy (b,bv) 1992-1995 The Plunderers, The Gadflys, Olive Branch
Lovett Cottco (b) 1997- ---
Nesmith Byron (d) 1997- ---
Plunder Stevie (v,g) 1992-1996 No Concept, The Gadflys, The Plunderers, The Shout Brothers, Jeckyl and Hyde, The Gruesome Twosome, The New Christs. died 1996
Richards Michael (d) 1996-1997 ---
Richmond Terepai (d,perc,bv) present D.I.G., Multiball
Vidale Michael (b) 1995- Jimmy and The Boys, The Guns, The Flying Emus, Big Guns, Baylor Brothers Band, Peter Wells Band, David McComb and The Red Ponies

Sources of information: Eva Zsigri's Whitlams Discography, The Whitlams Official Homepage
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