Wild Pumpkins At Midnight

Hobart/Melbourne 1984-1991
Melbourne/Holland 1991-1998



Scenesville                      1986   10   Produced by Chris Thompson and Wild Pumpkins At Midnight

MC        AUS   WPAM

Birth Of A Nation                1987

Single    AUS   WPAM

Wild Pumpkins At Midnight        1988   ??   Produced by Tony Cohen

Mini-LP   AUS   Major

Living                           1989   14   Produced by Tony Cohen and Chris Thompson

LP        AUS   Mighty Boy

MC        AUS   Mighty Boy

This Machine Is Made Of People   1989    7

Mini-LP   AUS   Mighty Boy MALP2001

Little Victories                 1990

CD        AUS   Mighty Boy

Sending A Vampire                1992


Strangeways                      1992   11

CD        AUS   Current/MDS
          EUR   Survival SUR 530 CD

Goin' Sick                       1994    7   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD-EP     AUS   Shock/MDS raison 005
          EUR   Shock raison 005

Low-Fi Lucy's Mobile Temple      1995    9

CD        AUS   Way Over There WOT 013 CD

Sad Trees                        1996   15   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD        AUS   Way Over There WOT 019 (6 studio tracks + 1 live track)

The Secret Of The Sad Tree       1997   11   Produced by Tony Cohen, Michael Turner and WPAM

CD        AUS   Hot Records
          UK    Hot Records HOT 1061CD

Instant Ocean                    1998   11

CD        EUR   Way Over There WOT 033


Davies Ashley (d) 1990-1993
Fazackarly Mel (sound) 1984-1998
Hynes Greg (d) 1994-1998 Push Of Love, Temper Temper, Quincy McLean and The Smooth Bastards
Larkins Nick (g,v,b,org,sitar) 1994-1998 Velvet Hammer, The F. Mongrels
Manskey Debra (v,g) 1984-1990 solo-cd
Tuffy Dan (b,v,g) 1984-1998 Barb Waters and The Rough Diamonds, The Big Low
Turner Michael (v,g) 1984-1998 Barb Waters and The Rough Diamonds, The F. Mongrels

Sources of information: Bram Damman
© Magnus Holmgren
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