Chris Wilson



Landlocked                1992   12   Produced by Chris Wilson, Doug Roberts and Shane O'Mara

CD          AUS   Aurora D30763
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32057.2

Live At The Continental   1994    9

CD          AUS   Aurora D19852
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32056.2

MC          AUS   Mushroom

The Long Weekend          1998   22   Produced by Doug Roberts and Chris Wilson

Double-CD   AUS   Aurora MUSH33094.2

Spiderman                 2000   11   Produced by Chris Thompson, Chris Wilson and Shane O'Mara

CD          AUS   Black Market CW001

King For A Day            2002   10   Produced by Kerryn Tolhurst

CD          AUS   Forge 001

with Diesel:
Short Cool Ones           1996   16   Produced by Doug Roberts, Chris Wilson and Diesel

CD          AUS   Mushroom TVD93459 (RMD53459)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32456.2

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless 3      1993
Used And Recorded By                 1995
To Hal And Bacharach                 1998
Mushroom 25 Live                     1998
The Woodstock Sessions               2000
A Night Out - Live At The Basement   2001
Live At CERES                        2002

with Diesel:
The Spirit of Christmas 1996         1996


Crown of Thorns   lp   Carnival             1988
John Royle        lp   Warlords and Doves   1989
Crown of Thorns   cd   Babylon              1990
The Flattops      mc   Party Noises         19??

Session musician

Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls   lp     Gossip                            1986
Hunters and Collectors              lp     What's A Few Men?                 1987
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls   lp     Under The Sun                     1987
Hunters and Collectors              lp     Fate                              1988
Sunset Strip                        lp     Sunset Strip                      1988
Hugo Race                           lp     Rue Morgue Blues                  1988
Large # 12's                        mlp    Dance The Demon Out               1988
Sacred Cowboys                      lp     Trouble From Providence           1988
X                                   lp     And More                          1988
Boom Crash Opera                    lp     These Here Are Crazy Times        1989
Ape The Cry                         lp     And The                           1989
Girl Overboard                      lp     Paint a Picture                   1989
Mary-Jo Starr                       cd     Too Many Movies                   1990
Crashland                           cd     Crashland                         1990
Sunset Strip                        cd     Move Right In                     1990
Helvelln                            cd     Helvelln                          1991
The Whirling Furphies               cd     Lizard Tree                       1991
Mr Floppy                           mcd    Firm and Fruity                   1991
Kerri Simpson                       track  Higher                            1991
Richard Pleasance                   cd     Galleon                           1991
Deborah Conway                      cd     String Of Pearls                  1991
Crowded House                       cd     Woodface                          1991
Chris Bailey                        cdep   Do They Come From You             1992
The Whirling Furphies               cd     Don't Stop                        1992
Barb Waters & The Rough Diamonds    mcd    Not Until The Next Time, Anyway   1992
Andrew Pendlebury                   cd     Don't Hold Back That Feeling      1992
Kerri Simpson                       mcd    Veve                              1993
Tiddas                              cd     Sing About Life                   1993
Jimmy Barnes                        cd     Heat                              1993
The Badloves                        cd     Get On Board                      1993
Acuff's Rose                        cd     Never Comin' Down                 1993
Shane Howard                        cd     Time Will Tell                    1993
James Reyne                         track  Santa Claus Is Back In Town       1993
Barker                              cd     Happy Man                         1994
The Badloves                        cd     Holy Roadside                     1995
Merril Bainbridge                   cd     The Garden                        1995
Jane Wexler                         cd     Small World                       1996
The Backsliders                     cd     Downtime                          1998
Kerri Simpson                       cd     Confessin' The Blues              1998
Michael Thomas and Dan Warner       cdrom  Five Bells                        1998
Tess McKenna                        cd     Take Me To The Place              1998
Jimmy Barnes                        cd     Live At The Chapel                2002
Monique Brumby                      cd     Signal Hill                       2002
Mark Seymour                        cd     Westgate                          2007


The Sole Twisters 1984 Brian Horne, Barry Palmer, Craig Palmer, Jeff Pickard, Nigel Sweeney
Harem Scarem 1985-1987
Crown Of Thorns 1987-1996
X 198? (guest player at gigs)
Chris Bailey Combo 1990 Chris Bailey, Dror Erez, Paul Hester, Tony Norris, Nick Seymour
Gospel Choir 1990 Rebecca Barnard, Mick Bowden, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Joe Geia, Richard Grey, Peter Jones, Tania Lee, Jex Saarelaht, Shelly Scown, Kerri Simpson, Stu Speed, David Williamson, Paul Winterbine
Sherine 1990 Sherine, Dror Erez, Paul Hester, Peter Jones, Tony Norris, Keith Pereira
The Drawcards 1990 Vika and Linda, Deborah Conway, Stephen Cummings, Dror Erez, Tim Finn, Ross Hannaford, Peter Jones, Shane O'Mara
Peaceful Anticipation Social Aid and Pleasure Club 1990 Rebecca Barnard, Mick Bowden, Tanya Davies, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Joe Geia, Richard Grey, Shelly Scown, Kerri Simpson, David Williamson, Paul Winterbine
The Pubdogs 1991
Rose Amongst Thorns 1991 Deborah Conway, Dror Erez, Paul Hester, Peter Jones
Chris Wilson Band 1992 Peter Luscombe, Shane O'Mara
Chris Wilson and The Spidermen 2000-present Shannon Bourne, Chris Rodgers, Dave Folley

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