Ross Wilson



Living In The Land Of Oz    1976    2

Single      AUS   Oz

Retrospective               1988

LP          AUS   EMI

Dark Side Of The Man        1989   10   Produced by Ricky Fataar, Mark Moffatt and Paul Grabowsky

CD          AUS   WEA 265 405-2 (1 bonus track)

LP          AUS   WEA 265 405-1

MC          AUS   WEA 265 405-4

Go Bongo Go Wild!           2001   12   Produced by Paul Grabowsky, Doug Brady, Ross Wilson, Nicky Bomba, Joe Camilleri, Brian Wise, Joe Creighton and Mike Duffy

CD          AUS   Wild Bongo Records WBR001

Now Listen! - The Best Of   2001   30

Double-CD   AUS   Shock SMECD022

Country and Wilson          2003   12   Produced by Nash Chambers and Ross Wilson

CD          AUS   Sound Vault Records SV0360

Contribution to album

The Spirit of Christmas 1993                 1993
Earth Music                                  1994
Good Vibrations                              1998
Not So Dusty                                 1998
Newport Reggae Festival                      2000
The Woodstock Sessions                       2000
A Night Out - Live At The Basement           2001
The Spirit of Christmas 2001                 2001
Gimme Ted - The Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts   2003
The Spirit of Christmas 2003                 2003
A Day On The Green - Live                    2004

with James Black:
Street Hero                                  1984


Skyhooks                    lp    Living In The Seventies          1974
Company Caine               lp    Dr. Chop                         1975
Skyhooks                    lp    Ego Is Not A Dirty Word          1975
Ray Burgess                 lp    Not So Pretty                    1976
Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons   lp    Don't Waste It!                  1976
Soundtrack                        Oz                               1976
Skyhooks                    lp    Straight In A Gay World          1976
Debutants                   lp    Debutants                        1977
Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons   lp    Whip It Out                      1977
Tommy Rocks                 s                                      1979
Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons   lp    Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons        1979
Mondo Rock                  lp    Primal Park                      1979
Fastbuck                    mlp   Drinking With The Boys           1980
The Rocking Emus            lp    The Rocking Emus                 1982
The Dynamic Hepnotics       mlp   Strange Land                     1982
Pat Wilson                  mlp   Strong Love                      1984
The Johnnys                 lp    Highlights Of A Dangerous Life   1986
Bohdan X                    mlp   Kingsnake                        1988
The Johnnys                 lp    Grown Up Wrong                   1988
The Screaming Jets          cd    Scam                             2000

Session musician

Jim Keays                   lp    Boy From The Stars                         1974
T. Blacknell                lp                                               1974
Captain Rock                lp    Buried Treasure                            1975
Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons   lp    Don't Waste It!                            1976
Stylus                      lp    Best Kept Secret                           1978
Normie Rowe                 lp    Out Of The Norm                            1979
Ray Arnott                  lp    Rude Dudes                                 1979
Goanna                      lp    Spirit Of Place                            1982
The Dynamic Hepnotics       lp    Live                                       1984
Australian Olympians        s     You're Not Alone                           1988
Iain McLennan               mlp   Through The Roof                           1989
Jimmy Barnes                cd    Flesh And Wood                             1993
Peter Lillie                cd    Poetry and Western                         1996
Kevin Borich Express        cd    One Night Jamm                             1999
John Farnham                cd    Live At The Regent Theatre 1st July 1999   1999
The Screaming Jets          cd    Scam                                       2000
Stephen Cummings            cd    Skeleton Key                               2001
Hey Gringo                  cd    Funky Car                                  2003
Hey Gringo                  cd    Three                                      2005


The Pink Finks 1964-1966 Dave Cameron, Rick Dalton, Michael Edwards, Richard Franklin, Ross Hannaford, Chris Kinman, Leigh Lansdowne, Jimmy Niven, Geoff Ratz
The Party Machine 1966-1969 Peter Curtain, Mike Edwards, Joe Gorski, Ross Hannaford, Chris Kinman, Mike Rudd
Procession 1969
Sons Of The Vegetal Mother 1969-1970 Wayne Duncan, Trevor Griffin, Ross Hannaford, Jeremy Noone, Mike Rudd, Gary Young, Ian Wallace, Simon Wettenhall, Bruce Woodcock
Daddy Cool 1970-1972
Tommy (stageshow) 1973 Daryl Braithwaite, Colleen Hewett, Jim Keays, Keith Moon, Doug Parkinson, Broderick Smith, Billy Thorpe
? 1973 Ross Hannaford, Nigel Macara, Tim Gaze
Mighty Kong 1973
Daddy Cool 1974-1975
Mondo Rock 1977-1979,1980-1988,1990-1991
Ross Wilson Rockhouse 1985/1986
RAW 1991-1993 Barry Deenick, Michael Sheridan, Craig Waugh
Ross Wilson's Cool World 2001 John McAll, Heta Moses, Chris Bekker, Geoff Wells

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