Stevie Wright



Hard Road                  1974   11   Produced by Vanda/Young and Stevie Wright

CD   AUS   Albert 465267 2 (issued 1989, different cover)
     AUS   Albert 477069 2 (re-issue 1995, original cover)
     GER   Repertoire REP4334WY (issued 1993)

LP   AUS   Albert APLP-005
     AUS   Albert MID.166043 (re-issue 198?)
     UK    Polydor 2480 249 (different cover)
     USA   Atco/WEA SD 36109 (different cover)

MC   AUS   Albert

Black Eyed Bruiser         1975    9   Produced by Vanda/Young

CD   AUS   Albert (issued 1989)
     AUS   Albert 477070 2 (re-issue 1995)

LP   AUS   Albert APLPA.012

Facing The Music           1986   14

CD   AUS   Albert 465266 2

LP   AUS   Albert

The Best From Down Under   1989

CD   SWE   BR Music BRCD 118 (4/15 tracks)

Striking It Rich           1991

CD   AUS   Laser

Definitive Collection      2004   14

CD   AUS   Festival 337762


Bootleg   s   Whole World Should Slow Down   1970

Session musician

Soundtrack          lp   Jesus Christ Superstar   1971
Flash And The Pan   lp   Lights In The Night      1980


Chris Langdon and The Langdells 1964
The Easybeats 1964-1969
Rachette 1970
Likefun 1972 Ray Hoff, Morri Pierson, Shirley Reid, John Tucak, Alan Wilkes, Clayton Black, Les Hinton, Jimmy Niven, Garry Strobe
Black Tank 1972-1974 Greg Henson, Ken Firth, Rory O'Donoghue
Stevie Wright Band 1972-1975
Stevie Wright and The Allstar Band 1974-1975
Flash And The Pan 1982
Stevie Wright and The Street Beat Band 1983
Stevie Wright Band 1986/1987
Stevie Wright and Hard Rain 1987-1988

Members (Stevie Wright Band 1972-1975)

Bolton Tony (d) 1974 Lukes Walnut, The Gino Affair, The Affair, Traine, Freshwater, Country Radio, Southern Cross
Coleman Russell (d) 197? Sasha, Lee Walker Band, AC/DC, City Strutt, Streetlife, Tinsley Waterhouse Band, Redgum, Wallace White and The Wingwalkers, Jump'n'Jive, Swinging Sidewalks, Yu-En, Symphony Loco
Currenti Tony (d) 1974 Inheritance, 69ers, AC/DC, Winter
Duryea Larry (perc) 1974 Heart And Soul, Tamam Shud, Duck, Kevin Borich Express
Firth Ken (b) 1972-1974
Gaze Tim (g) 1974
Henson Greg (d) 1972-1974 Trade Mark, Ben Turpin, Levi Smith's Clefs, Pulsar, Black Tank, The Foster Brothers, Baxter Funt, Renee Geyer Band, Duffhead, Fender Benders, The Push, Duff and Rhodes, Supermarket
Housden Stephen (g) 197?
Johnson Russell (g) 1974 Alison Gros, Mississippi, Country Radio, Russell-Royden Band, Barrie McAskill's On Fire, The Sultan Brothers, Cliff And The Hangovers
O'Donoghue Ray (g) 1972-1974 ---
Rylands Billy (g) 1974 Freshwater, Solitude, Rachet, Leo De Castro and The Cahoots, Babylon, Wendy Saddington Band
Wakefield Malcolm (d) 197? Rachette, Nitro, Marbles, Phil Jones Band, Corroboree, Marcia Hines Band, Ayers Rock, The Imports, Hello Hello, Redgum
White Peter (org,synth) 1974 Baxter Funt

Members (Stevie Wright and The Allstar Band 1974-1975)

Borich Kevin (g) 1974-1975
Dick Johnny (d) 1974-1975 Max Merritt and The Meteors, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Fanny Adams, Wild Cherries, Everest, Doug Parkinson's Life Organisation, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Doug Parkinson In Focus, Flash and The Pan, Chris Turner Band
Morgan Warren (k) 1974-1975 The Beaten Tracks, Chain, Gerry and The Joy Band, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Pilgrimage, Morgan and Matthews, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Ray Arnott Band, Flash and The Pan
Peel Ron (b) 1974-1975

Members (Stevie Wright Band 1986/1987)

Ashton Gwyn (g,bv) 1986 Swanee, B.B. Strutt
Barnes Linda (bv) 1986 Linda Barnes Band, Jimmy Barnes Band, Swanee
Boekelman Eddie (k) 1986/1987 Dave Warner's From The Suburbs
DeMarco Dee (bv) 1986/1987 ---
DeMarco Paul (d) 1986/1987
Goldsmith Glen (g) 1986/1987 Word of Honour, Wayne Green and The Phantoms, U.K Misfits, Beagle Boy's, Lyndsay Hammond Band
Hammond Lyndsay (bv) 1986/1987 Skintight, Cheetah, Word of Honour, Lyndsay Hammond Band
James Dennis (g) 1986/1987 Huckleberry, Train, Everest, Wayne Green and The Phantoms, Beagle Boy's
Lalor John (d) 1986 The Hurricanes, Dallimore, Back In Black, The Beast, Heaven, Swanee, Cheetah
McKinney Maggie (bv) 1986 City Strutt, Hot City Bump Band, Maggie McKinney Band, Jimmy Barnes Band
Mitchell Mark (b) 1986/1987 Feather, Kid Cult
Porter Garth (k) 1986

Members (Stevie Wright and Hard Rain 1987-1988)

DeMarco Paul (d) 1987-1988
Northcott Peter (k,sax) 1987-1988 John Paul Young and The All Stars, Swanee, Fabulous Zarsoff Brothers, Big Rock Band, Linda Barnes Band, The Joy Boys, Dragon
Renzella Bruno (g) 1987-1988 Dukes, Heaven, Ko Klub Kraze, Swanee
Thomas Ronnie (b) 1987-1988 Heavy Metal Kids (UK), Kids (UK), Tourists (UK), Lene Lovich, John Paul Young and The Allstars, U.K. Misfits
Young Vic (g) 1987-1988 Lene Lovich, U.K. Misfits, Beat Crystals, Swanee, Pete Wells Band

Sources of information: AC/DC Electric Shock, Flash And The Pan Discography - Last update 1998-03-15, Glen Goldsmith, Gwyn Ashton
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