Sydney/Melbourne 1977-1980,1983-1990,1993-,2002-



X-Aspirations                               1980   14   Produced by Lobby Loyde

CD          USA   Amphetamine Reptile AmRep 013 (issued 1993)

LP          AUS   X Records YPRX1645
            AUS   Ultimate ULP003 (re-issue 1989, 1 extra track "Mother")

Mother                                      1984    2

Single      AUS   X Records 13639 (no PS)

At Home With You                            1985   12   Produced by Lobby Loyde

CD          AUS   X Records XLP 002 (4 bonus tracks, issued 1993)
            USA   Morphius MRA-002 (issued 2002, remastered)

LP          AUS   Major MRLP002
            USA   Morphius (issued 2002, remastered)

Dream Baby                                  1987    2

Single      AUS   White

Maxi        AUS   White (1 extra track)

And More                                    1989   10   Produced by Lobby Loyde

CD          AUS   White MUSH32457.2

LP          AUS   White

Live At The Stage Door Tavern 8 July 1978   1997   24

CD          AUS   Spiral Scratch SS 0017 (limited edition of 1000 copies)

Live At The Civic '79                       2001   13

CD          AUS   Dropkick

I Love Rock 'n' Roll                        2003    5

CD-EP       AUS   Laughing Outlaw

Evil Rumours - Live At The Basement         2003   22

Double-CD   AUS   Laughing Outlaw


Berg Stefan (d) 1993
Cafiero Steve (d) 1977-1980,1983-1984 Creatures, Flagg, died 1988.
Coutanche Peter (g) 1979,1980 Kamikazi Kids, The Stand, James Griffin and The Subterraneans
Fisher Eddie (d) 1977 The Guilts
Green Cathy (d,perc) 1984-1990,1993- Cough Cough, Horla, Big Rider, Hell To Pay, Red Dress, Universe
Holmes Geoff (g) 1978-1979,2002- Wildcat Tamers, Scattered Order, Yard Goes On Forever, The Guilts, Love Me
Krahe Ian (g) 1977-1978 died 1978.
Lucas Steve (v,g) 1977-1980,1983-1990,1993-,2002-
Rilen Ian (b,g,bv) 1977-1980,1983-1990,1993-,2002-
Synnerdahl Cath (d) 2002-
Nino (d) 1977

Sources of information: REMEDY - The Rose Tattoo Home Page, Australian Punk Rock 1976-1983, Version 3.6 - August 1994
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