XL Capris

Sydney 1978-1982



My City of Sydney   1979    2

Single   AUS   Axle

World War 3         1980    2

Single   AUS   Axle

Where Is Hank?      1980

LP       AUS   Axle

Weeds               1981

LP       AUS   Axle

Contribution to album

Why March When You Can Riot?   1985


Anderson Julie (d) 1978-1980 ---
Blackler Barry (d) 1981-1982 Atla
Churnside Michael (b) 1980-1982 Chris Phantom Band, Falling Apart
Farmer Michael (d) 1980-1982 The Tactics, Motivation, The Gravity Pirates
Gooding Tim (g,v) 1978-1982 Tactics, Milk Of Human Kindness, The Ottomen, The Dreamboats
Hunter Todd (g) 1980-1982 Zeke (NZ), Heavy Park (NZ), OK Dinghy (NZ), Anteapot (NZ), Staff (NZ), Dragon, Headhunters, Scribble, Good Vibrations (session)
Pigott Johanna (b,v,k,g) 1978-1982
Rendall Kimble (g,v) 1978-1980 Le Hoodoo Gurus

Sources of information: Tim Gooding
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