You Am I

Sydney 1989-present



Snake Tide                   1991    4

EP          AUS   Timberyard

Goddamn                      1992    5   Produced by Tom Kazas

CD          AUS   Timberyard (including "Snake Tide", 9 tracks)

EP          AUS   Timberyard

Can't Get Started            1992    5

CD-EP       AUS   rA

Coprolalia                   1993    5   Produced by Lee Ranaldo

CD-EP       AUS   rA

Sound As Ever                1993   13   Produced by Lee Ranaldo

CD          AUS   rA 74321439652

When You Got Dry             1994    4

EP          AUS   rA (only 449 made)

Hi Fi Way                    1995   14   Produced by Lee Ranaldo

CD          AUS   rA 4509994762 (limited edition with bonus 7-track "Someone Else's Crowd" CD)

MC          AUS   rA 4509994044

Hourly, Daily                1996   15

CD          AUS   rA 2068300035 (limited edition with bonus 7-track "Beat Party" CD)
            UK    WEA (issued 1997, added "Trike" and "Opportunities", missing "Someone Else's Home" and "Moon Shines On Trubble")
            USA   Warner Bros (issued 1997, added "Trike" and "Opportunities", missing "Someone Else's Home" and "Moon Shines On Trubble")

MC          AUS   rA 2068300037

Trike                        1997

CD-EP       AUS   rA 74321498482

You Am I's #4 Record         1998   12   Produced by George Drakoulis

CD          AUS   rA 74321587182 (limited edition with bonus 9-track "Radio Settee" CD)

Saturday Night, 'round Ten   1999   16

CD          AUS   rA (limited edition of 8.000 copies with bonus 5-track CD)

Dress Me Slowly              2001   13   Produced by Clif Norrell

CD          AUS
            AUS   (limited edition digipak with 8-track bonus cd "The Temperence Union")
            NZL   BMG

LP          AUS   (12 tracks, missing "Satisfied Mind", limited edition of 300)

Deliverance                  2002   12   Produced by Paul McKercher

CD          AUS   Greville/BMG

The Cream & The Crock        2003   15

Double-CD   AUS   BMG 82876549312 (extra 18-track cd "The Crock")

CD          AUS   BMG

Convicts                     2006

CD          AUS   Virgin

Contribution to album

Triple J Live                             1996
Used And Recorded By Vol. 2               1997
Recovery  - Songs From The Back Door      1997
Idiot Box (Soundtrack)                    1998
I'm In Love...With That Song              1999
Triple J - Lust For Live                  1999
Recovery - Ready For Transmission         1999
Cold - Live At The Chapel                 1999
Triple J - Live and Unleashed             2001
Rove Live - ...Some Music                 2001
Dirty Deeds (Soundtrack)                  2002
Stoneage Cameos                           2005
Standing On The Outside                   2007


Hitchcock Greg (g,k,perc) 1996-1997
Hopkinson Russell (d,perc,v) 1993-present Circle A, Zoo Rejects, Genocide, Mob Vengeance, Dismembered, Insurrection, Vicious Circle, Greenhouse Effect, Bamboos, Memento Mori, Cremator, Kryptonics, Nursery Crimes, Killig Time, Radio Birdman
Kent Andy (b,bv) 1992-present ---
Lane Davey (g) 2001-present The Pictures, The Wrights
Rogers Jaimme (d) 1989 Headache
Rogers Tim (v,g,mellotron,org,harm) 1989-present
Tischler Nick (b) 1989-1992 ---
Tunaley Mark (d,v) 1989-1993 Lethal Overdose

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