Rob Younger



The Visitors              ep    The Visitors                  1980
Minuteman                 s     Voodoo Slaves                 1982
New Race                  lp    The First And The Last        1982
Lime Spiders              s     25th Hour                     1983
City Kids                 lp    The Name Of The Game          1983
Angie Pepper              s     Frozen World                  1984
Died Pretty               s     Out Of The Unknown            1984
Died Pretty               s     Mirror Blues                  1984
The New Christs           s     Like a Curse                  1984
City Kids                 lp    City Kids                     1984
Super K                   s     Recurring Nightmare           1985
Eastern Dark              s     Julie is a Junkie             1985
Huxton Creepers           s     The Murderess                 1985
Melting Skycrapers        s     Strange Device                1985
Died Pretty               ep    Next To Nothing               1985
Lime Spiders              s     Out Of Control                1985
Conspirators              s     Expressway To Your Brain      1985
Psychotic Turnbuckles     s     Psychotic Situation           1985
The Stems                 s     Tears Me In Two               1985
The Stems                 ep    Love Will Grow                1986
Psychotic Turnbuckles     mlp   Destroy Dull City             1986
Died Pretty               s     Stoneage Cinderella           1986
Sons of Guns              s     Wild Wild Girl                1986
Died Pretty               lp    Free Dirt                     1986
The Hard-Ons              s     The Girl In The Sweater       1986
Porcelain Bus             s     Indignation                   1986
City Kids                 lp    The Orphans Parade            1986
Playmates                 lp    Long Sweet Dreams             1986
Wet Taxis                 s     Sailor's Dream                1987
Joeys                     lp    In The Pouch                  1987
Meera Atkinson            lp    This Is The Planet            1987
Fixed Up                  mlp   Vital Hours                   1987
Died Pretty               lp    Lost                          1988
The Dubrovniks            s     Fireball of Love              1988
The Plunderers            s     I Don't Mind                  1988
Asylum                    lp    Home Sweet Home               1988
Happy Hate Me Nots        lp    Out                           1988
White Cross               s     Don't Break Their Hearts      1988
The New Christs           s     Headin' South                 1988
Bits of Kids              mlp   Taste This!                   1989
Toys Went Berserk         mlp   Have No More                  1989
Horny Toads               mlp   Wired                         1989
The New Christs           lp    Distemper                     1989
Toys Went Berserk         lp    The Smiler With a Knife       1989
Died Pretty               s     Everybody Moves               1989
Thrust                    lp    Mindless                      1989
The Plunderers            ep    Sarah's Not Falling In Love   1990
The Mutated Noddys        cd    The Mutated Noddys            1990
The Slaters               s     Cristal Girl                  1990
Jaded Cravings            s                                   1990
The Barbarellas           s     Forget About You              1990
Club Hoy                  ds    Da Da Da Da                   1991
The Barbarellas           mlp   Quit Slylarking               1991
The Barbarellas           mlp   Fringe                        1991
The Trilobites            s     Tear You Apart                1991
The Celibate Rifles       cd    Heaven on a Stick             1992
The Plunderers            mlp   Home Movie                    1992
Happy Hate Me Nots        cd    A Place To Live               1992
Tellers                   s     One Brick At A Time           1992
The Trilobites            mlp   The Lost Generation           1992
The Screaming Tribesmen   cd    Formaldehyde                  1993
The New Christs           mcd   Woe Betide                    1995
Died Pretty               cd    Sold                          1995
The New Christs           cd    Lower Yourself                1997
Various                   mlp   Storming The Citadel          1998 

Session musician

Hoodoo Gurus          cd     Kinky                        1991
The Deniz Tek Group   cdep   4-4 The Number Of The Beat   1995
Tim Johnson           cd     Start It Up                  19??
Deep Reduction        cd


The Rats 1974 Warwick Gilbert, Mick Lynne, Carl Rourke, Ron Keeley
Radio Birdman 1974-1978
The Other Side 1978-1979 Charlie Georges, Clyde Bramley, Ron Keeley, Mark Kingsmill
New Race 1981
The New Christs 1981,1983-1984,1987-1990,1992-2001
Radio Birdman 1995-1996,1997,2006

Sources of information: Divine Rites, Radio Birdman Discography by Henry Weld - Version 10.4 7/12/1997
© Magnus Holmgren
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