Young Modern

Adelaide/Sydney 1977-1980



She's Got The Money   1978    2   Produced by Stephen Cummings

Single   AUS   Top Gear

Play Faster           1979   10

CD       AUS   Aztec Music AVSCD005 (remastered, issued 2005, 8 extra tracks)

LP       AUS   Local


Carroll Mark (g) 1978-1979 ---
Donovan Mike (b) 1979-1980 Biceps Incorporated, Maniacs, Instant Memory, Acrylic Chewies, Learn Zulu
Dowler John (v) 1977-1979
Hilton Peter (g) 1979-1980 ---
Jones Michael (g) 1977-1978 The Suggestion, Biceps Incorporated, Maniacs, Acrylic Chewies, Accelerators
Kohler Mark (d) 1977-1980 The Suggestion, Acrylic Chewies
Laverick Peter (v) 1979-1980 ---
Richards Andrew (b) 1977-1979 The Suggestion, The Singles
Yates Vic (g) 1977-1980 The Suggestion, Acrylic Chewies

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