The Zimmermen

Melbourne 1983-1990



Rivers Of Corn   1986   11   Produced by Harry Williamson and The Zimmermen

LP   AUS   Au Go Go ANDA 043

Way Too Casual   1989   11   Produced by Lobby Loyde

CD   AUS   Mushroom CD30047

LP   AUS   Mushroom L30047


Barclay Michael (d) 1983-1984
Brooker Alan (b) 1987-1990 Clear Cut, The Cruel Poddies, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Little Murders, Olympic Sideburns
Brosnan Tim (g) 1983 Millionaires, True Wheels, The Romantics, Squeaky Girls, Paul Kelly and The Dots, The Runners, The Little Murders, The Rocking Love Gods, Dirt, The Hole, Slub, The Lost Weekend
Connolly Steve (g) 1983-1984
Dowler John (v) 1983-1990
Holmes Michael (g,bv) 1983-1990 The Negatives, Eric Gradman's Man and Machine, The Romantics, Squeaky Girls, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Fatal Attraction, Olympic Sideburns, Dirt, Songs Of Exiles
Osborn Neil (d) 1985-1987 Wrecked Jets, Red Skeletons
Perry Graeme (d) 1985,1987-1990 S Foster Band, Spare Change, Parachute, Eric Gradman and Machine, Talk Show, Eric Gradman's Enjoy, Hot Half Hour, Icehouse tour, Barry Michael and The Lords of Love, Barry Michael and The Rubicons
Steele Peter (b) 1983-1987 Fatal Attraction
Tulloch Peter (g) 1984-1990 Brighton Lights, Wrecked Jets, Pagan Idols, Blue Nun, A Howling Life, Big Choir, Down Town, Scratch Record Scratch, Crazy Weather, Trouble In Mind
Upton Trevor (d) 1983 Lipservice, Fatal Attraction

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